Secrets of Soča - Time Horizon

Video installation by Andrej Zdravič

1995 33' loop, 8-channel video and sound installation

Concept, camera, editing, sound, programming: Andrej Zdravič


The message of Soča is in its primal, aerial clarity. True treasure which surprises and inspires anew. The installation Secrets of Soča is a garland of songs of the river Soča (so:cha). Each song unveils in picture and sound one of the many life moods which source in the movements and phenomena of its waters. My first underwater Soča filming experiments in 1987 led me to devise a special tool to capture Soča from unique, as yet unseen perspectives. – AZ


"Secrets of Soča, a permanent video installation by Andrej Zdravič, on view at the Triglav National Park Information Centre - Dom Trenta (Slovenia), is the harbinger of something new on our art scene. In the lap of the mighty Julian Alps, in the air filled with the scent of the sea and the Mediterranean, a composition of mysterious pulsations of nature unfolds across an eight-monitor horizon. What is new is not the use of high technology, but the wonder of technology helping man regain a sense of scale. A scale of our destinies intertwined in the play of cosmic forces. The Secrets of Soča (subtitled Time Horizon) hypnotically expands the space with images perpetually moving in the present, the past and the future. Before our eyes comes to life the Heraclitus' Pythian saying: You cannot step twice into the same river". - Milan Dekleva, Dnevnik


©1995 Andrej Zdravič /