Dane Škerl

(1931 - 2002)

Danijel - Dane Škerl was born in Ljubljana. In 1952 he graduated with the A degree in composition from the Academy of Music in Ljubljana and then in 1957 he received advanced training in the electronic studio of Cologne radio. He taught at various music schools in Ljubljana and taught composition at the Music Academy in Sarajevo, as well as the Academy of Music in Ljubljana. As composer and honorary professor of the University of Ljubljana, Prešern prizewinner, honorary citizen of Bovec and member of the ARS association, but especially for his work as a composer and conductor of several choruses in Zgornje Posočje, Mr. Škerl’s name is one of those permanently noted in the image of this region. In addition to music, mountains were his great passion. He devoted a large part of his life to them both as an alpinist and as a member of the mountain rescue service.


Dane Škerl spent an important part of his life in Trenta, leading the Trenta choir with utmost dedication, eagerness and sensitivity for over 30 years. The choir signs regularly at the Primorska poje (Primorska sings) festival and other choir festivals held in the area of Tolmin and Bovec. On several occasions the Trenta choir has performed together with the choir of Kranjska Gora.


Upon the 30th anniversary of the Trenta choir it was said: »The people of Trenta and all the people lucky enough to have been touched by the broadness of his spirit, will remain thankful forever for the invaluable riches his presence has endowed upon us«.