The forest - Time Tryptich

New film installation from author Andrej Zdravič

2011, 34' loop, 3-channel HD film and sound installation


Concept, camera, editing, sound, programming: Andrej Zdravič


The Forest - Time Triptych immerses the viewer into the essential, primordial forest being, awakening a sense of its wondrous beauty and fundamental importance for our survival. It conjures the harmony, boundless creativity and energy of the forest and it is at the same time a meditative and educational filmic experience. Meanings originate in the essence of phenomena − through vibration and movement, light and shadow, rhythm and pause, silence and sound. - AZ


The images and sound were recorded over several seasons in the high altitude forests of greater Trenta valley, and at other locations in the Julian Alps of Slovenia. The Forest is a permanent exhibit at Dom Trenta - Triglav National Park Information Centre in Trenta, Slovenia.


©2011 Andrej Zdravič /